Building Diversity & Inclusion

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Why does diversity and inclusion matter?

"Diversity in our workplaces makes compelling business sense."

Ken Morrison   Chief Executive   Property Council of Australia

Good for Individuals & Teams

Diverse and inclusive teams have higher levels of engagement and productivity

Good for the Industry

CEOs of 21 of Australia’s largest property companies have joined the Male Champions of Change to increase opportunities for diverse talent

Good for Companies

Real Estate Investment Trusts with at least one woman on their board produce up to 3.6% higher annual shareholder returns

Good for the Economy

Full participation and utilisation of diverse talent would add billions to the Australian economy

But, when it comes to leveraging diversity as a source of innovation, performance and competitive advantage, the Property Industry in Australia is falling behind other sectors.

What can we do about it?

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is an innovative and accessible online tool for increasing inclusion and diversity awareness in your workplace.

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Engaging Gameplay

The E-Challenge's dynamic game format turns traditional e-learning on its head to give users a real sense of competition and achievement.

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Accessible to All

Every team and company can benefit from diversity and inclusion. The E-Challenge works through web access or Learning Management System integration for companies small and large.

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Short and Sweet

Our Learning Bytes format delivers content in modules of 10 minutes or less, which can be deployed all at once or delivered over weeks or months for ongoing reinforcement.

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Generates Insights

Whilst employees engage in learning, E-Challenge seamlessly gathers data on attitudes, perceptions, priorities and more, delivering real-time data regarding the inclusivity of your company culture.


The Case for Diversity:
Explore the business impact
Embedding Inclusion:
Behaviours that drive performance
Diversity of Thought & Innovation:
Unleash creativity and problem solving
Unconscious Bias:
How our unconscious mind quietly influences our decisions
Flexible Working:
Flexibility as smart business strategy
Psychological Safety:
Understand one of the most important drivers of team performance

Who is Symmetra

Symmetra is Australia's leading provider of diversity and inclusion consulting and development services to the property industry.

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Symmetra and witnessed the substantial impact they are having in training many major corporations of the strategic and business benefits of promoting a more inclusive and diverse workforce. The resultant diversity of thinking, together with a more positive, inclusive and engaging culture is a significant differentiating factor in improving employee engagement, business productivity and performance. These benefits lead to enhanced enterprise value and hence superior total shareholder returns."

David Southon, Former Joint Managing Director of Charter Hall Group

“Here at Scentre Group diversity and inclusion is a strategic initiative in helping us achieve our Purpose – Creating extraordinary places, connecting and enriching communities. We chose to partner with Symmetra because of their demonstrated commercial insights and ability to customise programs to support the delivery of education for our Leaders in the context of our business goals. They have successfully engaged our leaders to ensure diversity and inclusion is recognised as a source of competitive advantage.
The team at Symmetra have worked alongside us to understand our business to ensure what they do is relevant and impactful, thus enabling us to achieve real change in mindsets and behaviour at Scentre Group.”

Janine Frew, Director Human Resources, Scentre Group

Symmetra Clients:

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